I’ve been having my ups and downs today. Dunno whats up, I guess I’m a little over-emotional today.
…Or blame it on post period hormone imbalance.
I haven’t done an inspiration post in a way too long time, so here’s what cheered my up today.

I read a really good blog post on Marie‘s Blog, where I also stole the pictures from. x)

Also I couldn’t help smiling and when I watched this video. Not only is it a cover of one of my favorite feel good songs (I like to party to this alone in my room – you guys know what that looks like 😉 ), but also I love how Leroy is simply having fun. He’s truly gifted. And how cute is he?! 🙂
So why am I smiling out from ear to ear? Because you put a smile on my face, Leroy. Keep doing what you do.

I’m sporting my MAC Such Flare! Matte lipstick. J’adore very much! Oui oui mon cherie <3

via Marie

I have an exam tomorrow, so wish me luck.
Good night guys, love you <3

Love Lois xxx
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