Right now I’m blogging from England. A few days back I was in Northampton visiting my cousin with my brother and mother and right now I am in Leicester to visit my uncle.

I watched The Hunger Games and I loved it!
Though I don’t really understand the comparisons with Twilight. Children slaughtering each other and a girl falling in love with a Vampire does not exactly strike me as similar. Or is it just the crazy ass fans, the hype and hysteria that are being compared? I know for a fact that Twilight fans are mental, I haven’t checked out The Hunger Games fan base, so I can’t really comment on that. Either way if you get time to check out the movie, you should. 🙂

Anyway, more ground breaking news is that I FINALLY watched Easy A starring Emma Stone. ADORE. I love the fact that Olive (who on earth calls their daughter Olive??! Haha!) is just an everyday girl making fun of high school’s primitive mentality but finding herself being caught in the middle of lies with good intentions.
Btw how hot fit, as British would say, does Lonely Boy aka Penn Badgley look in that movie??

Which reminds me I caught the latest episode of GossipGirl today. All I can say is that if there was underwear with Team Ivy or Team Van Der Woodsen/Upper East Side Bitches I’d be wearing Team Ivy right now. I’m developing a great dislike for the Upper East Side’s behaviour, so you can’t exactly blame me for bursting out laughing when Da Realz Gossip Girl dissed Serena. buuurrrn!

Most disappointing thing today was opening my suitcase, ready to jump into my Onepiece and get all snuggly, but having to realize I left it at home. I LEFT IT AT HOME!!!!! Bummer! England of all countries should be the home of Onepiece wearers. No weather calls more for snuggly cozy lazy days in bed in a Onepiece than here. I think I’ll never be able to live in England permanently, because as a matter of fact I’d spend nearly everyday inside feeling too unmotivated to leave the house due to weather. I checked the forecast, no surprises.
Whats a snuggly day without a Onepiece? Exactly! Not snuggly at all.

Mid Season Sale!! Keeping my fingers crossed mid season sale has hit England too. On my shopping list: Topshop and Primark. The classics I guess.

I’m dying to catch Project X with my friends in cinema. I hope it’ll be out by the time I’m back. I sense it’s going to be the most epic movie of all times – all times!! (credits to Kanye here) after Hangover. (Or maybe even before Hangover? 😉 ) Check out the trailer and you’ll know why! 🙂

Berlin got it’s first Hollister store! So sad I had to miss the event, one of many this week. I found out that there are several people I know working there. The world is so small!

dress: c/o Motel Rocks      necklace: H&M

Okay I’ll leave you with that! Gotta go!
See you soon!
Until then enjoy your easter holidays.
Oh and Happy Easter of course!
Much Love!

Love Lois xxx
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