Just before my Italy trip my friend and I went to do some last minute summer shopping and we found ourselves quite lucky at Bershka. In fact we both wanted to take the entire store home with us. And now I have a major wishlist. From runwaydreamz inspired hot(!) pants to stillettos and dresses, tops and shorts… Bershka is so good atm! If you have time I’ll advise you to pop in, you’ll want to take home more with you than you can 😉 Actually since the opening I haven’t been there regularly, I found myself peeking in only 4 or 5 times max since then.
But this is why I was so hot to go there on Saturday..

Great pieces right? Tomorrow I’ll show you what landed in my shopping bag.
And now I’ll announce the winner of my myparfuem flashgiveaway. Congrats Blaubarschmaedl!! Mail is out to you 🙂
You still have until Sunday to enter the Lotus Mendes giveaway.
Bye bye! Gotta get ready to meet my friends. We’re going to watch the Germany-Netherlands Euro2012 game.

Love Lois xxx

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