I didn’t get a lot of things, since I didn’t find an awful lot of time to shop anyway. The trip was more consumed of sightseeing and drawing. After all it was an art trip. 😉 Nonetheless I did manage to pick up a few pieces on the last day: a few souvenirs for my parents – it’s a kitchen set for our new frying pan that only takes wooden cutlery. I had to make sure the set had lemons on it, because they remind me so much of Sorrent, the place we were staying, outside Neapel. This city is filled with lemon trees!
For that reason I got my parents a mini soap scented and shaped in the form of a lemon.
Ofcourse I had to pick up a packet of original Italian shell shaped noodles. 😀
Two pairs of sunnies for moi’s truly; finally a pair of aviators with a gold frame and completely dark glass and a pair of statement sunnies I knew I had to buy the minute I tried them on.
On top of that I purchased two new neon polishes by cristhal: red and pink. I know in the pictures they look the same, but in reality one really is neon pink and the other red. The red is a little disappointing, it is not as quite as neon as I expected it to be.
Tomorrow I’m back to school for the last few days until summer break. Gosh how time flies! Also I’m heading over to Adidas Neo for a style session! whoop whoop!
But before I have on last exam to write. geez…
How a lovely week guys!

Don’t forget to join my giveaway guys! 🙂

Love Lois xxx


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