Unfortunately I’m really sick, so, so far my birthday has been a birthday in bed.
None the less it’s been a really chilled day and I’ve enjoyed reading all the cute birthday messages and taking calls from my sweet friends. But I’ve not been up to post a picture of myself today.
Trust me, you do not wanna see me in this state. It’s.. not so pretty, let me put it that way 😉
And instead of going through my archives in search for a picture pretty super duper cute ass looking photo of yours truly i.e. recycling an old blog picture, I decided to show you a cupcake.

Because sharing is caring (and have I mentioned? It’s my birthday), I’m not the only one who is going to get presents today! I feel like giving away something, I’m having a mini giveaway on my facebook page. You only need to leave a birthday message.

Might show you my birthday cake on instagram later.
I’m 19. Yay me!

PS.: Oh yes big news! I’ve (finally) joined instagram! mwah mwah KizZ KiZz xD

Love Lois xxx


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