When I came home with a box that read Crocs, my brother looked at me with a face pretty much saying “Oh heeeelll no! Heeeeeellllll naaaaaa! Uh uh. You ain’t bringin some motherf*ckin Crocs into the house. Girl you mad??”
I don’t blame him.

ph.: Dogi

Skirt I Rock: Tally Weijl

Sunglasses I Sonnenbrille: Dogi
Top: THANKS TO Motel Rocks
Necklace I Kette: H&M
Shoes I Schuhe: THANKS TO Crocs

What comes to your mind when you think Crocs? Exactly, ugly ass (yet very very very comfortable shoes. I have to admit I’ve lived an entire weekend in Crocs. But hidden behind closed curtains! I’m telling you this in secrecy!) house shoes. If you are a Crocs lover please don’t take offense. This is my honest opinion.
I’m a “Comfort over Style any day” person. However this rule does not apply to Crocs. (I’m referring solely to the ugly ass house shoes!)

So when I saw the new Crocs models at Press Days I was surprised how little they resembled the original Croc and how much they looked like normal (read: not an eye sour to humanity) shoes. Just as we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, I think we shouldn’t judge a brand by it’s it piece. At least that’s what I learned. Crocs is reinventing itself, they actually have some really gorgeous red wegdes, and the best part is they’re keeping their comfort sole.

You can’t imagine how comfortable these shoes are, believe me.

Ps: I’d still never let anyone catch me in house shoe crocs.

Love Lois xxx

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