Okay this has been a step I’ve been thinking about for a looooong time. Trust me, I have considered stepping into the Youtube world since the end of last year. Well actually about a year ago just before my trip to L.A. I told and he suggested Youtube to me and kinda inflicted that thought within me. Then I started helping Nisi filming some of her videos and it really became something I seriously considered.

Now I’ve finally done it. I took the step.

Here it is. The next step. And I’m ready for new adventures and creating new content. New kind of content. You’ll finally get to see me in action. I decided to start with an outfit video, something I do on my blog already anyway, just that it’s in motion this time. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it. So let me know what you think about my first video, which I couldn’t have done without the help of my friend Nisi.

Do you like it? I really hope you do. Because I really enjoyed making it.

For outfit details, head over to my new channel: Lois Opoku and watch the video Outfit of the Day – Waterfall Skirts and Leather Jacket on Youtube. You’ll find everything in the description box and I’ve directly linked a few items incase you want to shop them. Oh and hit the “thumbs up” and “subscribe” button while you’re at it. It’ll make me really happy.
Okay. Okay.

Oh and just a piece of advice, whatever you’ve been planning or considering on doing, may it be this week, the last couple of months or right this second – JUST DO IT <3

Love Lois xxx


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