And L still is for Lois. It’s been about a year,  probably a bit over a year, all I remember is that I started this crazy ride into the blogger world last winter. And I don’t regret doing so. As of now? I’d like to take you through a flash back: One year L is for LOIS.

LesMads Book presentation. Meet Desi and Nisi, I cannot repeat often enough how thankful I am for them welcoming me so warmly into the blogger world! Plus I met Chi <3 Won tickets to the Burlesque Preview Screening and visited the American Apparel Fashion Week Shopping event.
Reminisced about Berlin Fashion Week that took place in January, dreamed about going one day. Won tickets to the No Strings Attached preview screening.
Won tickets to the I am Number Four Premiere (loved it, watch it!). Alex Pettyfer did not show up. Won nail polish. I win too much shit on the internet or anywhere else, it’s almost ridiculous xD Pillow Fight Flashmob. This is the shit! <3 Wore faux fur casually and fell in love with my norwegian print pullover at my friends apartment. Mango Stylenight with lovely Andy from Stylescrapbook. What do you think of my DIY wrap skirt?
I was hospitalized one week for a tonsil operation, but you guys were amazing support. Received an invitation to the Range Rover Evoque Awards because of a post I wrote about Berlin in which I shared some hotspots. Fell in love with neon, especially neon polish! One look of mine, again it’s about casual faux fur.

Evoque Style Awards. The night of two parties. I was invited to the Mango Shop Opening and the Evoque Style Awards. My mission? Make two events in one night! Sadly I failed. Got hung up on the Evoque Show but it was an amazing night, so I can’t complain. 
Found neon polishes in a market in Florence. Unbelievable for someone living in Berlin, but true I visited the Karnival der Kulturen for the first time and it was great. Culture flash <3 Outfit.

Premium Young Designer Awards. Met Jasmin. Got snapped by Jason. Scotch and Soda Opening. Sleep is commercial. My very first fashion week ever. Random pictures and my outfits from FW. Premium. Millions of new faces! Frontrow. Was featured in cracker magazine and various online magazines (Amica, Jolie) ๐Ÿ˜€ And nearly committed suicide when I found out that my baby Chico was in town and I missed him. (JK I wasn’t about to. But I feel I need a little drama right here.)

Holiday in Verona. Kauf dich Glรผcklich and Sky Swap Market with Nadine <3 Bershka Opening. Chi and me at the Hallhuber event. Finally those Zara Shoes; it’s a hate-love relationship. My best friends birthday – my outfit.
Gina Tricot Opening. Must have been the craziest opening in my life! ๐Ÿ˜€ Easy peasy outfit. Another Mango Stylenight.
It was still so warm I could chill in hot pants. Turned 18. Met Maria Mena. Miosato Blogger meet Designers event. Patrick Mohr event. Like a total douche bag I missed the Press Days. Halloween.
Waldstore presents Zeitgeschmack. Onepiece Opening. Smirnhoff Live Exchange Party. I was pretty much chilling with Dustin, Josie and Jan on every party^^. Wiz Khalifa concert. So dope!! One more look. Showed you my very last summer outfit (in the middle of winter! I know I’m crazy).
Crazy story on how I got my first book about fashion. H&M Dragon Tattoo Premiere. Met new amazing girls at the ChickChicClub event and finally managed how to attend to events in one night by going to the Windows 7.5 Hotel afterwards (pictures coming :D). Had a blast with yet another bunch of new girls at the Fashion5 event (post coming!!). New hairstyle for a new year ๐Ÿ™‚
Even if I didn’t realize it then, as it was happening: The year was crazy. Going through my archive was like mentally reliving the story of my life.
It’s crazy how my blog has been shaped by the events I attend rather than by my everyday style. It’s amazing how much I was allowed to experience solely because of this little blog of mine. And I thank you guys for that, because I enjoy every minute of it.
For this year 2012 I want to write more outfit posts and enjoy just as much events as I could in 2011.
And I’m planning on taking you guys with me on my journey!
Thank you so much.
You rock!

Love Lois xxx
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