It was truly a lovely event. Dinner with many faces of the bloggersphere that I already call my friends and the Myparfum team with delicious food was great.
I had my very first frozen youghurt that night. First froyo? I know right?! Go ahead and laugh, I know what I have been missing out. (Thank god for the wonderpots voucher I found in my goodie bag! I intend of visiting many more times for froyo!)

I designed a parfum with the help of an expert (this time I did not mix ingredients in at random because I liked the sound of the name xD Remember my first parfum? But I have to admit, it did turn out pretty well for my very mixing method.) Later I got to get a little creative and choose and pimp my bottle for my personal scent.

I created a sweet scent, something I think that fits me perfectly. I’ve always enjoyed fruity sweetish scents. Nothing is better than the smell of a freshly cut open Mango or raspberries. But this time I was aiming for something less fruity, yet still sweet and me. Which is why I wanted to create a scent going in that direction.

ph.: Dogi

And I need you to vote for me and my parfum 🙂 If I win, you’ll be able to get you’re very own bottle I so perfectly mixed together. I’m kidding 🙂 You’ll be able to smell just like me! 😀
The voting ends on 14.12.2012. And you can vote for me here.

Let’s geeett it ooon!
Folower power!

Ps.: Hope you’re enjoying your first christmas weekend. It’s my friends bday today and we’re going for Wonderwaffles. 😀

Love Lois xxx


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