001 Half of my classes were cancelled today (like almost everyday for the past week) I wonder what I’m doing at school. The senate should just give us the week for god’s sake. But no, we aren’t having holidays until the 24th. And then only 7 days and a bit. We’ve always had holidays a week before christmas.

002 I froze my ass off today. I wore my new cardigan with pom poms and thought it looked stupid to wear something over it, completely ignoring the fact that I wasn’t dressed warm enough. Ofcourse today is when the weather decided to be extra cold. I lost feeling in all my body parts. At one point I said, “Goodbye dear little hand. You were of good use to me. May you rest in peace and WARMTH!” When mama tells you so, she tells you so. And my momma definitely told me so. What do Ted Moesby and I have in common? We both need to listen to our momma -.- 

003Christmas show at the school today. It was more like a benefit / bazaar /market/ school play /event. A group of students organised a donation to UNICEF, which I think is a great idea. But somehow (as disorganised as our school/student body is) no one really seemed to have taken notice of this. We need more enthusiams here. Sadly I had to leave early and could only enjoy the choir (my best friends are in the choir and always entertains me when I come to the shows. They do embarassing stuff on stage. So funny. Thats how to enjoy life;) ) because it’s my brothers birthday today.

004 We had the most amazing cake ever and ofcourse a traditional bucket of KFC for my little brothers birthday. It was a nice family dinner. (see the cake here)

005 Still need to do Christmas shopping. I still don’t have all my presents ready.

006 My friend Melissa came to visit our school Christmas show. She gave me my present and urged me to open it. I resisted..  until I got home. I went to bed, but I had to wake up to drink. When I came back next thing I know I am opening the present. To my defence, she wanted me to open it anyway. It’s a bottle with purple bubble bath soap. PURPLE. My fav color. And she wrote me a super cute letter.

007 No, you can not trust your sources. Primark did not move to Berlin this month. But there is a new Primark in Germany. In Gelsenkirchen. PLEASE PRIMARK GET A MOVE TO BERLIN! We are the capital.

008 Obsessed with… Rival de Loop

009 Currently reading: Für jede Lösung ein Problem by Kerstin Gier

010 Right now… I’d rather dress like a total shithead than freeze like today ever EVER again.

Lois xxx


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