Aaron Johnson as John Lennon and Thomas Brodie Sangster as Paul McCartney
Pictures don’t belong to me. I only made the collages

Went to see Nowhere Boy on Sunday night for my best friend’s birthday. I Love Love Love the movie!! It was amazing and so was the night. We smuggled a birthday cake, chips, popcorn and champagne into the cinema and ate in the dark.

The movie is not about the beatles, but about John Lennon’s teenagerhood. It’s about loss, love, independence and forgiveness. I was very touched by the movie and at one point started crying. (awww) No, it’s really beautiful. And this is coming from a non-Beatle fan. The cast is great too. You should definitely go see it.

And Aaron Johnson still is an eye-candy. He’s become hotter since Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging. Sadly he impregnanted his girlfriend Sam Taylor-Wood (who could easily be his mom). But Love is Love.

Obesessed with Dylana Suarez (from Nana in Wonderland)’s cover of Die Alone by Ingrid Micheal
Currently reading: Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad
After reading the first book I had to know what was going to happen, because annoyingly the first book ended so abrubtly.

Lois xxx

Hab den kinder Country Gutschein benutzt und ein paar Euro gespart x) Girl


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