I had a nice Christmas with lots of present and nice family evening. We celebrate Christmas the English way. I go to an European school, it’s bilingual for English- German, so most of my friends celebrate on the 25th too. We go to church on Christmas eve and celebrate with our church with a Christmas dinner and performances after the church service. Presents are not opened till 25th morning. Then we have a little family time until we have a annual “surprise” party for my dad’s birthday. (Yes, he is a Christmas child πŸ™‚ ) It’s more like a tradition than surprise now. In fact it failed since “Surprise Party 1” and we have reached “Surprise Party 4” now. Haha. We always have (the same) family friends over. We are three families and it’s always a full house. Then come dinner, cake and more presents… Yep, that’s pretty much our traditions.

001 I got this lace pullover, red striped top, two shirts, lace body and green military jacket from my parents. I’ll show you in OOTDs soon what they look like. And I got a lovely red coat for winter too. I really really love it. I’ll show you that too soon.

002 My friend gave me a striped bandeau top and an eyeliner from Manhattan. I’m in love with the eyeliner because it has glittery particles in it. But not too much! She actually could have given me anything, I would have loved it. I like it when friends give each other presents. For me it’s not about the present, but the fact that you give and think about others besides your family you really love too on Christmas. Evens if it’s something small. I actually didn’t spend more than 2€(!) on every friend this year. But I got lovely presents. I think it’s partly due to the major sales every this year. I got everyone a nail polish (besides the 13 I bought for myself haha πŸ˜€ ) in their color plus a purse 1€ (H&M)/ sunglasses 1€ (New Yorker) / armband (I brought from Ghana) / packet of chocolate.

003 Bubble bath I got from my other friend in purple. My favourite colour.

004 Bathing set White Tea from my godmother. It includes a bath&shower Gel, hand cream, body lotion and a white sponge. Good thing there is a hand cream. My hands always get to dry, especially in winter.

005 Armbands from our family friends. I actually really like the look of them.

006 Everything from my little brother πŸ™‚ A book, two P2 Nail polishes, a little purse and a jaguar ring! I’ve turned the blank page book into my diary/ black book kinda thing that I named the Thinking Book… I really love that ring. I really fits to the nail polish I’m wearing (here). That nail polish looks good with gold jewelry. I actually tried out the new polish on my pointer finger. Notice that that finger is a little glittery? πŸ˜‰

007 Chocolate. You always get chocolate on Christmas πŸ™‚

008 We played a little Family Scrabble in our family time.

009 Our little Christmas tree. Can’t believe that thing used to be way bigger than me. We don’t have money to buy a new tree every year, so we have kept that tree for years now. And over the years my brother and I have grown taller than it. The tip was so long that my brother decided to twist it into a star. Haha πŸ˜€ Clever idea though. Our usual Christmas Tree Top Star is missing.

Like I said a had a nice Christmas. Hope you had one too.

Lots of Christmassy Love
Lois xxx



  1. December 26, 2010 / 7:35 pm

    Was hΓ€ltst du von gegenseitigem verfolgen? πŸ™‚

    Liebe Grüße!*

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