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Unfortunately there’s no animated iPod today. All my songs I’ve chosen for the playlist can’t be played with mixpod, because all have denied embedding, on youtube! All! Every single version of the songs. So annoying! And mixpod works only with songs/videos from youtube. 🙁

So I have decided now, not to do it at all.

But I’m  feeling so M.I.A today. No not Missing In  Action but bad ass chick M. I. A. Papers and planes…Slumdog Millionaire? You know who I am talking about.

But you can check out two songs that were supposed to appear today:

Come Around – MIA feat Timbaland

Paper Planes – MIA

This is some crazy shit.

I’ve noticed, someone hit the L is for LOVE button 🙂 Thank you someone! Once again, I’m reminding you to feel free to hit the L is for Love or L is for Like button 🙂 And go ahead and comment my blog. You make my day!

And also, I have my first follower on bloglovin!!! Thank you Valentina. Big kiss from me 🙂

t e e t h a r e j a d e have featured me on their blog roll! I feel so blessed. Thank you guys so much. I don’t need to say that you must check out their blog. If you haven’t then what are you waiting for?

I’ve noticed that some of my post have no content or are not complete! I’m really sorry about that. I don’t know why it’s like that, but all I can say is that that is crap. You waiting for my highly anticipated post just to get nothing. JK. Highly anticipated? Who do I think I am? xP. No, but I want to make it up to my little readers. You are not many, but each and every one of you is precious (Note: I’m being serious). And I’ve reposted  them (like my Photobook 2010). So have a look.

And the Burlesque Post finally has the pictures of the goody bag.

Mwah my fellas:)

Hmm mwah is kinda.. aah whatever! Just imaging me giving you a big fat happy kiss on the cheek 🙂 Be blessed. Have a nice Sunday and a beautiful new week!

Don’t know why I’m being so happy go lucky, all I know is I’m feeling good 🙂

Lois xxx



  1. January 10, 2011 / 5:44 am

    love MIA, She is constantly crossin boundaries with her music

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