Beginning February I had the pleasure to go bowling with Franklin&Marshall and the team.
Truth be told: I was really bad. I figuratively sucked balls. But I did throw a strike though! Yay me! What happened to my turkeys and five in a rows on Wii Sports skills? Where were they when I needed them the most wanted to win a Franklin&Marshall college jacket of my choice??

ph.: Vreni, Homme To Go, Sophie, Franklin&Marshall PR

Along with a handful of other bloggers (I was really happy to see Dustin and Jan again. Has been ages since I hung out with them. And there were many familiar faces as well with who it’s always nice to spend some time with.) I was invited for a few rounds of bowling at the Berolina Bowling Center. Even though I finished last bowling was really fun!

Sadly I couldn’t stay for dinner because I finally got my hands on a Kendrick Lamar ticket after it had been said to have been sold out. Luckily the concert was moved to a bigger venue which meant more tickets could be sold and I could end up going.

It was really a nice way to hang out and chill with the PR of Franklin&Marshall, as well have fun with their clothes from the upcoming season and I couldn’t be happier to have been invited. Looking back at the pictures I’m reminiscent of the great time I had with the Franklin&Marshall PR.

Instagram snapshots. Follow me at LisforLOIS

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Love Lois xxx



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