my beauty problems lisforlois

huge eyes
hell no! I was kidding.
my eyes are a gift of God! I get compliments for them on the regular.
but daaaammmnn I do have huge eyes..

I. eyebrows
THE most hated part of my body.
Need not say more.
When God created my eyebrows he must have gotten bored from all them pretty ass swag bitch eyebrows out there and decided to grant me with none at all for no apparant reason ?! I can count the hairs of my none exisiting eyebrows.
Why me??? I ask myself..

II. dry lips
I’m cursed with this issue! I don’t know if I was born to be the walking example of all day every day dry-lips-omnia. (dry-lips-omnia Defininition: The art of having dry lips.. pretty much 24h a day?!) It’s like a real condition. And it sucks balls. Come winter, come worse lips.. yay! NOT.

III. black spots – post inflammatory hyper pigmentation
I’m a little scared to do something against this issue though. There are a lot of creams out there claiming to help against black spots.
With my common sense there are only two ways I can think of how creams tackle this issue.
1. cover up. Simply a cream that covers up the black spots well enough. Yeah that’s not really getting rid of the actual problem in the long run…

2. fade the spot. 
Does this mess with my melanin level or what? I’m scared I’ll end up with light spots and in the end all that’s changed are black spots to light spots in my face. I think I’ll pass…

Plus this issue it’s not that bad really, for me. You just see them with extremely extrem close up. You’d be creepin to find them. Also I’ve noticed they fade by themselves over time. A very very long time though..
And after all for pictures I’ve got photoshop right? 😛 (No, I actually don’t. True Fact 🙂 )

EDIT: I DONT KNOW WHAT IS HAPPING BUT I’M HAVING A REAL BLACK SPOT PROBLEM LATELY AND THIS SHIT NEEDS MONTHS TO YEARS TO FADE!!! Stupid summer sun has turned the pimples that didn’t heal of well because lets just say I scratched or squeezed them, which of course you are not ever supposed to do, into black spots. Curse unto the broken ozon layer and the increased amount of ultraviolet sun rays. Black spots have just moved up to Level 2 of my beauty problems. I will be working on it!

IV. the occasional break out
I get pimples once in a while. I thank God that he gifted me with an alright looking skin. I usually get a few pimples I can count on my one hand post or prior to my period most likely due to the change in hormone level.

In the next few weeks, years, minutes.. coming time I will try and tackle these issues by finding a beauty routine optimized for my personal problems.

Yallah! Let’s go on a ride, my beauty ride!

Love Lois xxx





  1. September 21, 2013 / 10:46 am

    Wir haben alle so unsre Beauty Problemecken. Perfekt gibt es nicht. Manches kann man überschminken, bezupfen usw, manches nicht. Ich glaub man sieht die selbst viel mehr als andere. Ich geb mir mühe, da nicht so unsicher zu sein nur wegen nem blöden pickel, fleck oder unbändigem haar. Ich hab eben Ecken und Kanten. Und ich mag auch Menschen mit Ecken und Kanten.
    Be proud of the beautiful you that you are!

  2. September 21, 2013 / 1:26 pm

    also ich finde deine augen auch total schön!

    • September 22, 2013 / 12:32 pm

      Awww danke! <3
      Love Lois xxx

  3. September 22, 2013 / 7:18 pm

    Och, deine Augenbrauen finde ich klasse. Und deine Augenpartie im allgemeinen. Ausdrucksstark und tolle Schminklider! Zudem hast du umwerfende Lippen und ein tolles Lächeln 🙂

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