Monster Products Diamond Tears lisforlois
The Monster Diamond Tears are easily the most beautiful headphones on planet and I love mine to death which I got for my birthday end of last year. At this point, thank you again Monster! I don’t leave the house without them anymore. As I said in my outfit post earlier, every time I’m out with them people keep staring at my ears. They’re super fancy and a really really gorgeous set of headphones. I think the crystal colored ones (mine) are perfect for women. They also come in different colors as for example the black ones that will look good on men.
But what’s more important is the sound quality that comes with them. Listening to my iPhone music feels like a whole new experience in comparison to my earphones before. Wow Apple earphones suck.. :/ I can easily listen to music on the highest volume without feeling deaf afterwards. What’s even cooler is there is another hole where I can plug another set of earphones to mine, so I can listen to music with a friend.
I think the Diamond Tears are the perfect example of a great blend between quality and look; where technology meets design, as Noel Lee was going on about in his Keynote Speech during IFA.

“Edgy like diamonds, smooth like tears”
Monster Diamond Tears Headphones lisforlois
Monster Diamond Tears Headphones lisforlois

Some of my fav songs to listen to with my Diamond Tears:

I just love it when the beat drops

Who needs diamonds on the ring finger if you can listen to music with them, right?? After all Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…


Love Lois xxx





  1. February 18, 2014 / 7:03 pm

    Wow! Du bist soo schön 🙂 Das Bild ist echt super 🙂 xx

  2. February 18, 2014 / 9:48 pm

    Ich habe mal ein Mädchen mit diesen Kopfhörern gesehen.. UND ICH HABE MICH VERLIEBT! ich will sie unbedingt haben 🙁 <3 Gott, du glückliche <3 aber die sind so teuer 🙁

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