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Last week I had the honor of being Bombay Sapphire’s guest, a premium Gin label with an exotic touch, in their quest to for the World’s Most Imaginative Bartenders. Unfortunately I didn’t take any outfit pictures – or pictures at all to be honest, but I documented the night between the World Most Imaginative Bartenders and their self-created drinks with my iPhone in a sort of Instadiary. Clearly as the above depicts we were having way too much fun at Bar 1000, a little underground bar right at the water of Friedrichstr. 

I wore a my green silk dress, that . It’s definitely too gorgeous to be kept in the back of my wardrobe and I should show you in a better outfit post some time. But it was one of those buys you know you won’t be wearing so often but save it for special occasions and moments like this Bombay Sapphire Event. 

I enjoyed my night between music and my usual blogging partners in crime sipping away one Bombay Sapphire mix after the other and smartly dressed bartenders. Speaking of smart, Bombay Sapphire’s brandmanager is such a piece of chocolate (pun intended 😉 ), I wouldn’t say no to a drink with him #fosho! Congrats to all the winners! 

We actually got two bottles of their finest bottles to take home. Those Bombay Sapphire bottles are super gorgeous and I can’t wait to use them to decorate my room. I’m actually more excited about them being empty than endeavoring them.

Killed one bottle on the weekend with my friends, one more to go!


Oh and drink responsibly, right? But that goes without saying.. 😉

Love Lois xxx



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