Monster x Chanel headphones Lois Opoku lisforlois

The first glimpse of the exclusive collaboration of Monster and Chanel was first seen on the runway in Paris of Chanel’s Fall 14/15 collection in Karl Lagerfeld’s famous Chanel Supermarket installation. After Swizz Beatz and King Karl posed for a picture on Instagram everyone was talking about them.. and the hideous 12 000$ Chanel shopping basket. By that time I had long had confirmation that Monster was indeed working on a Chanel headphone and I couldn’t wait to see the product. Then the hype about the headphones died down a little. One week ago at IFA was the first ever official press reveal of the luxury headphones taking Monster to a whole new level. And I was one of the only few to lucky enough to be present.

The signature style quilted leather of the headband covering the Monster x Chanel heaphones as well as the accompanying bag they come with are made in the house of Chanel with selected finest leather. The trademark double C adds a subtle yet instantly recognizable touch to the look of the headphones without looking overdone as the logo itself is kept in a reasonable size. What’s crazy is that the headphones not only look top notch and freaking amazing, they sound crazy great too. While Chanel added their signature level of standard the house of Chanel is known for, Monster added the technology – Pure Monster Sound – meeting that standard.
The headphones come with a noise cancellation system that’s pretty much the incarnation of “music on, world off”.
I was one of the only few to try and test the headphones at the exclusive press gathering. Now you guys already know that I am a huge fan of Monster headphones with my growing collection of Diamond Tears, DNAs and N-Tunes. Not only do they look amazing but the level of quality that meets the ear is beyond. For the Chanel collaboration Monster has stepped it up another notch (I didn’t know that was possible!) and outdone themselves. It was very interesting seeing the work and behind, as Noel Lee aka Headmonster shared some insight into not only how the collaboration came about, but also how the headphone itself was created and the massiv amount of technology behind it, that makes the Chanel x Monster headphone what it is today.
This collaboration is a of finest luxury, craftsmanship, technology and quality. Now you guys are probably wondering how much they cost and where to get your hands on them.
The headphones are of course very very limited and around 7k USD. Hypebeast and first reports estimated a whopping 5k$, but the actual price will be around 7000$ and available in only select few stores.

Oh my! I actually want those headphones foreal.  Let’s just take a moment to realize that these headphones were made for me.
7k anyone?? It’s my birthday next month so thank you very much!
Monster x Chanel headphones lisforlois
Chanel Look Lois Opoku lisforlois
Monster x Chanel headphones Lois Opoku lisforlois
Monster x Chanel headphones Lois Opoku lisforlois
Monster x Chanel headphones lisforlois
Chanel look outfit Lois Opoku lisforlois
Chanel Look outfit Lois Opoku lisforlois
Monster x Chanel headphones lisforlois
Monster x Chanel headphones lisforlois

Love Lois xxx




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