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Breakfast, the most important meal of the day. I love brekafast, yet I hardly ever eat some. Although breakfast can be so much fun. And above all it can be easy and quick. Now my excuse for missing out on this meal is either I’m not hungry or I don’t have time.
Even if you’re not hungry you should never miss breakfast and having no time is the lamest excuse ever. As I said breakfast can be quick and easy.
The varieties are endless and it’s the best way to start a day. Healthy, full, satisfied, happy.
Here is one quick breakfast idea I resort to in the mornings. Yoghurt and some fruits.

Take a bowl of fresh yoghurt. I love vanilla from the can, but often also choose natural sugar free yoghurt. Since I add fresh fruits I don’t need to worry about sweetening it.
Easy quick breakfast idea foodspring lisforlois
Fruits! Fruits! Fruits!
Now I love strawberries and mango. But you can add anything as you please.
Another idea is dried fruits and nuts.
Breakfast foodspring lisforlois

I usually use a tiny handful of cut hazelnuts or almonds to decorate my bowl. Not only is it more appealing but it’s also super healthy and yummy.
I tried some dried fruits that I got from foodspring. It’s an online shop dedicated to healthy eating, living and lifestyle and sells protein shakes, fitness superfoods, but also simply chia seeds and all natural coconut oil, as well as prepared porridge.
Easy quick breakfast idea foodspring lisforlois

Have you ever ordered food or groceries from the internet? Is that something you would do? To be completely honest, buying groceries from an online shop is not where I would resort to first, but I really liked my order and I was pleased with what I got. Plus every little package came with a recipe and cooking ideas. And it’s made in Germany. You know what they say about German quality 😉

Love Lois xxx



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