Gucci Soho Keychain lisforlois
Yet another Gucci purchase! And I haven’t even shown you the first. But as I said in my wish list post I wanted to make myself a little gift and I got it: the Gucci SoHo key holder.
I was lucky enough to get the last one of Breuninger. How gorgeous is this little Gucci SoHo keychain? The leather is so soft and it feels very luxe. Not only can I fit in my keys, but it’s actually big enough to fit a little credit card, some coins and mini sized lipsticks (like these ones from YSL I often carry with me but get lost in my handbag) without being to big or bulgy.
The zip really is a bonus! I have been thinking about getting a new key holder for a while now, because my old one from H&M has gotten super rusty over the years. I wanted to go for something
bigger to put an end to my daily looking-for-my-keys-struggle, something bigger yet fun. Maybe something with a pom pom perhaps? Little did I know that what I was truly searching for was a little bag that could safely tuck away my keys, hold a few coins and my fav lippie for on the go.
I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The Gucci SoHo key holder is perfect. Of course on the pricer side, but I plan to keep it forever and give it to my first child. Nothing that will rust in a years time.. Quality over Quantity. And Quality comes with a price tag.

Btw.. Do you also send little gift notes to yourself or is it just me being weird? I do that everytime and I ALWAYS pick gift packaging even if it costs extra, when I make special purchases. Wrote the little note to myself as a reminder that time heals everything and sometimes calls upon a change, whether we are ready or not. That said person, He, has since for been forgotten. What do they say about retail therapy? I would have never thought, but I guess it works.. haha
Gucci Soho Keychain lisforlois
Gucci Soho Keychain lisforlois
Gucci soho keychain lisforlois


Keyholder: Gucci SoHo
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Lipstick: YSL Rouge Pour CoutureYSL Kiss & Blush




Love Lois xxx





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