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There is this thing you wanted to do last week. Something new that seemed like fun to try. Or something scary, a little challenging, something outside of your comfort zone. Something that excited you for split second. But then you forgot about it, you simply killed that thought and dismissed it with second thoughts. And that’s how life passes you by as you leave so many ideas and opportunities untouched..

Do It!

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I finally have a new blog. There a few more tweaks and changes I’d like to do to make this a fun user experience. But for now I’m happy blogging from a new space. It’s been something I’ve been wanting to do forever, and finally I did it!
I’ve been thinking about a lot of things I’ve been wanting to do lately, inline with my new T-Shirt that says “Do it!” from the Camilla Engstrom x Monki capsule collection. Her collection is about self-love and girl-boss-ing, and what better way to practice self-love than to just do the things you love or have always wanted to do? Choosing to do you, that is self-love.
But I seem to find ways to self-sabotage every now and then. It’s so easy to come up with excuses.. here are a few I keep catching myself using.


“There is no time right now.” – everybody ever

Probably the most frequent excuse used by pretty much everybody. I too am guilty of  using this phrase. Whether it’s to keep me from booking that doctors appointment to finally get my pains checked out, or the massage and spa day that’s long overdue or learning to play the piano/guitar.. I tend to not make any “me time”. My back pain has become so severe sleeping has become a nightmare because I know I’ll wake up with even more pain.
I feel like I have so many things sucking at me, the fun and new things or simply taking care of myself and pampering, that seem like luxuries, become secondary to all things that feel like a responsibility I still have to check off my to-do list before I can engage in anything else. But life itself, living, being alive should be on my to do list.

We live in such a fast paced society, there is never enough time for anything. Unless we make time.

Lois Opoku Fashion Blogger Camilla Engstrom Monki lisforlois

Lois Opoku Style Camilla Engstrom x Monki Fashion Blogger

Monki Camilla Engstrom lois opoku lisforlois

Funny how I told a special someone to put
himself out there with his music he’s got so far.
He wasn’t satisfied with himself, kept looking
for perfect, though he was good already. He
stood in his own way of creating.
I told him he’d never be satisfied. We are never
truly satisfied with ourselves. It’s human nature.

Him and I? We are no different.

I realize that now. It took him for me to hit the
publish button on this post in a space that’s not
yet finished. I took him for me to realize I can feel
comfortable enough with good to share & work
to improve from here on out. We are all so good at
giving advice, but how often do we follow our own?

Life works in mysterious ways.
Thank you N.

“It needs to be perfect and thought through to the last core before I can go for it.”


I am a planer. I love planning and coming up with to do list ( I hardly ever follow up on). I love planing from short or longterm things I need to accomplish to the interiors of my room I’d like to renovate, a fashion line right down to my house I’ll raise my kids in the future in. Or this blog. I’ve redesigned this blog countless of times on paper, but I never came through as it was never finished. There was always something I wanted to improve. I never felt ready. Since the day I started my blog at 17 I had all these big dreams of how I wanted my blog to be, starting with my layout. I finally moved to WordPress 1 month ago and still didn’t publish because yet again it wasn’t finished. Still the thirst get it all perfect.

“I wanted it to be perfect before I presented the new improved”

But realize it will always be a journey, and a good amount of will to improve is great for growth and development, but there comes a point I have to be satisfied with what I’ve done so far. It will never be perfect and I will never be fully satisfied.
And that’s a good thing – as long as you don’t stand in your way of doing things in the first place. As long as it keeps you motivated to do more and better. But not if it keeps you from doing things.
I kept planing for someday.. someday when everything is perfect. Like I keep planning for someday in all aspects of life without realizing time and life is passing me by without me making any of it a reality.

“It’s the oldest story in the world. One day you’re 17 planing for someday. And then, quietly, and without you ever really noticing someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life” – Nathan Scott

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in this foto:

Top – Monki x Camilla Engstrom*
Leather Pants – Topshop*
Clutch – gifted
Kitten Heels – Topshop (similiar)*
Nose Ring – Subdued
Earrings – Bershka
Bracelet – Finery London

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“I don’t have enough money for this.”

No it’s not, “I don’t have enough money for this (right now).” It’s “I’m not ready to pay the price for this (right now).” Now let that sink in. And suddenly a whole new perspective opens up, doesn’t it?
..That trip I wanted to make to Paris for months now or finally visit Bali and Positano, go on a real holiday.
The price for this? Putting in extra hours at work (i.e. time) and instead of eating out every week or splurging on unnecessary items of clothing, it means saving.

Years I told myself I don’t have money to hire a IT guy/gal or buy a new blog theme, so I stayed on Blogger dissatisfied. But at the same time I was spending my money on other things. Even if it was little compared to a couple of hundred of euros on an IT guy at once. But the money amounted could have paid for it a long time ago..
I finally was ready to pay the price of hiring an expert who moved my blog to WordPress and designed my layout. For a really good price too!
But more on that in a separate post if you are interested.
It’s all about priorities.

camilla engstrom monki do it




“Oh it’s just not gonna work out anyway..”- The Pessimist in me

I’d like to call myself an optimistic realist. But every now and then I get in my own way with an attitude of pessimism disguised under the umbrella of realism.
I don’t want to know how many opportunities I’ve missed because  I believed I was being realistic when in fact if I’m completely honest, I was simply being pessimistic.
I’d shut down an idea without even trying.
Do not confuse pessimism for realism, don’t play yourself.

After all how can you be so sure, without even trying?


ph.: janine

So here is to my new blog and finally chasing my dreams and making visions come to life. Here is to just trying whatever the hell I feel like I’ve always wanted to try but dismissed with second thoughts like “Oh it’s just not gonna work out anyway..”“I don’t have enough money for this.”, ” There is no time right now.” and “It needs to be perfect and thought through to the last core before I can give it a go.”

Here is to taking everything bit by bit and embarking on a journey rather than expecting to be at the perfect destination right away..

What was the last thing you wanted to try or do, but just didn’t?
What is holding you back?

Love Lois



  1. August 25, 2017 / 2:37 am

    So true! Kann jedem deiner Sätze folgen, sehr schöner Text… Bleib dir einfach treu, tolles Design und ausdrucksstarke Bilder wie immer Liebes, bin gespannt auf mehr! Love, Fa

    • loisopoku
      August 28, 2017 / 7:35 pm

      Hey Fatima,
      Wie lieb von dir!! <3
      Ich danke dir für deine Worte und freue mich, dass dir mein neuer Blog und der erste Beitrag gefällt!

      Love Lois xxx

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