Benny Opoku-Arthur Lois Opoku attend Bunte New Faces Award in Lala Berlin

Here are all the outfit details from the Bunte New Faces Award Style. You can read all more about my first time here . I was dressed in this yellow dream LALA Berlin dress, that has the iconic LALA Berlin print but revisited. For my Bunte New Faces Award Style look I paired it with my yellow Fendi baguette belt, a play on the yellow details of the and pink suede Topshop shoes, which I got last year. My tiny handbag (can you even call it a handbag? lol) is a beloved Fendi Micro Baguette Monster. I honestly love this tiny piece for red carpet looks. It doesn’t fit my phone (it did fit my old iPhone 6), but I usually just carry a lipstick and my ID, credit cards in the card slot specially designed inside the Micro baguette. My earrings and jewellery is from LALA Berlin as well. Truly felt like a little Queen in the yellow LALA Berlin dress at Bunte New Faces Award Style. Benny was also dressed in LALA. Can’t thank everyone at LALA enough for always saving us with our red carpet looks! Big hugs, you know who you are 😉

photos: Isa Foltin, Daniel Hinz

Dress I Kleid: THANKS TO LALA Berlin
Belt I Gürtel: Fendi
Jewellery I Schmuck: THANKS TO LALA Berlin
Shoes I Schuhe: Topshop
Bag I Tasche: Fendi


Love Lois xxx


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