Hey Guys!
Excuse me for being MIA lately and not even finding time to drop in for a quick ‘Merry Christmas!’ And as a matter of fact, no it is not because ‘I’m so busy with school’, due to the fact that I have no school atm. I’m on a wannabe two week holiday (YAY! Holiday is holiday right??) of which I’m only left with one week and 2 days.
The last two days I spent together with my family. We normally celebrate on the 25th. We usually always have a full house on that day as it is my dad’s birthday, which means it’s an occasion for double celebrations.
I don’t even have fabulous pictures of the last two days to compensate my missing for, except for the picture of my supercool Christmas tree (I proudly present to you as I must say I aced the decoration :P) that I posted to my twitter and my Facebook page.
Instead I’ll do what I do best: bore you with horrible quality webcam pics! 😛 

How do you like my red dress? It’s from ASOS and I bought it in a shop a long time ago. Necklace, bracelet and ring are from H&M.
I hope you enjoyed a great holidays season and had a happy Christmas.
Lots of merry love from me.

Love Lois xxx
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