As promised, even when belated, here are my recent (if we can pretend nearly a month is recent *cough*) buys from the sales that are now already over as shops prepare to bring in spring/summer collections.
I found pieces for some pretty good deals and that one dress I had given up all hope I would ever own.
Sales can be magical – or disappointing (considering your fav pieces are mostly only available in sizes 40 and up). Mine was rather bargainius.

So lets start. Depicted above: lavender colored or pastel purple nail polish from Essence. I don’t know why this color is on sale. Essence Cosmetics might not have done their homework, but judging from this spring’s runway trends, pastel is the new it color. Whatever, I rejoiced for having to pay only 95 cents for this dope color. It color or not, on sale or not, it would have landed in my shopping bag anyway.

Actually, these shoes embody everything I hate about shoes. Extra pointy with (this is even worse, a shoe being one or the other of these issues for me is bad enough already) a sad excuse of a heel, that is nor heel nor flat. I’m not really someone for inbetweeners. My brother already laughs (yes, he still does) at me for buying these shoes, I can understand why.
But I thought they looked cute (at that point I hadn’t notice the wannabe heel!) and would look great with blue jeans.
Once realizations hits how much I actually do hate them, I’ll just sell them on. They’ll most probably be in a “used once”-state. But for 10 bucks it’s a good deal for trying out something new.
I might just be riding into my personal fashion fail.

I love my new summer shoes. For a really stupid reason though I now own two pairs of them of which only one fits. Okay here is the story in a nutshell: I bought these pair in a size 38 not bothering to try them on. When I got home they didn’t fit. But the next day I feared they’d sell out, so after school I stopped by Zara and they were still available in size 39 which I took home with me and figured I’ll bring back the old pair on the weekend. But I brought back the old pair with the new receipt by mistake and sales girl didn’t accept it. And just as the story most go naturally I lost the original receipt. Now I’m stuck with two pairs. Yeee-haa NOT.

I remember thinking “Bitch please, who even checks the size?! They are the SAME MODEL + COLOR = SHOE!” quickly followed with a “FUUUUUUUUUU!!!!”when I realized she seriously wasn’t going to take them back. At this point I was only pissed because I had to carry the shoes with me – I was going to meet Carlinka afterward – I had no idea there was no second receipt to bring them back. So does anyone want them? Size 38, 20€ and they’re yours.

Neon Polishes. Totally love them! They were about 1,50€. Sadly the camera fails to capture the true colors of the polishes. They are much for neon in reality.

When I spotted this dress: *haaa-lee-lu-yah, halle luh ya, halle lu yah!* angels singing and playing their harps, spotlight from heaven on ‘that one’ dress, followed by me trampling all the way across the store to that rack. Dress: size 36. Angels begin singing again, this time louder, music reaches its crescendo.
I should have thrown my hands up to demonstrate my inner state. This would have probably been met with really weird glares by my fellow H&M Trend shoppers. Oh well, I still mentally went “haaa-lee-lu-yah, halle luh ya, halle lu yah!”

I have been looking for a fur coat for a long time now. When I saw it had been reduced to 40€ I decided I was going to check it out at a Zara store and buy it. Originally I set out to buy the black coat and the fur one each 40€, but in Zara the were costing only 20€. Faced with a color picking dilemma I choose the black coat also in camel and on my way to the cash desk I found that open fur coat, also 20€.
I’m having second thoughts on the fur coat though, mainly because I look like a miniature yeti in it. Can’t return it, it was also on the ‘original’ receipt. Yes, the one from the true life story above.

Skirt: Zara.

Jacket: Zara. But you’ve already seen this one on the blog 🙂

Bought three new blushes for ca. 7,50€ from Rival de Loop at Rossmann, because it was 20%-off Rival De Loop Week. They are scented! 😀
1.  05 apricot blush   2.  07 red blush    3.  08 terracotta blush

New summer scarves dotted one from H&M and the other is from Zara which was on sale for 10€.

Hair ring (yesssirrrr! Mission accomplished! Although it is not quite the original hair ring, yet still from H&M) and my favourite new metal bow hair ties. Both H&M.

I did not find the COS necklace or the Mango belts I announced on twitter I was going to pick up from the sale. They were sold out when I got there. Sadly no luck.
But I’m quite content with what I got. What’s your favourite thing I bought?

Love Lois xxx
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