When I received my invitation for the Starbucks Discoveries Show and saw the nominees I accepted the invite knowing I was going to Alice’s Fashion Show.
My confidence did not let me down, Alice did win and received the chance to present her designs, a mini collection, at the new Starbucks at the Sony Center as a Berlin Fashion Week Pre Fashion Week event hosted by Bonnie Strange. I couldn’t help but feel over joyous for her and in a way a bit proud that she had made it.
I remember looking up to Alice, reading her blog, too shy to ask her to explain how fashion week works to me. In the end I summed up all my courage and penned down my questions. I was surprised at the immediate response answering all my questions and how kind she was.
And just last week, here she was, having her very own Fashion show.

Seeing her collection I can say I really liked it. Most of all I love the cut of the skirt and shorts. And if I had the body, I’d wear her bralet I saw on the runway. The collection really reflects Alice’s style. It’s black, chic with clean cuts.
All her hard work has paid off and all the effort she’s put into her works.
The only time I saw Alice though during the entire event was when I peeked backstage whiles walking by and at her finale during her runway show. I’m sure she was busy talking to media representatives and hope she got to enjoy her moment. Everyone was there just for her.
At this point I just want to congratulate her for her successful show.

ph.: Jason and via Toughlook / donthurt

Other than that the event was the perfect way to kick off fashion week. Everyone was there: friends, bloggers, media. And best was: one night of Starbucks entirely for free. Those coffees, frappés, brownies, cinnamon buns.. all of it for free.

Love Lois xxx




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