Facehunter GEOX on Tour Berlin Event

Last week the #GEOXONTOUR made a stop in Berlin and the store at Friedrichstraße momentarily turned into a shoe heaven for all invited bloggers as we were allowed to choose from any pair in the entire store to take home with. Shoe boxes everywhere and girls trying on a million pairs while Dandy Diary handled the DJ Set – pretty much last weeks scenario. Meanwhile Yvan Rodic aka Facehunter, possibly one of the most famous streetstyle photographers was there to present his streetstyle book and snap some of the guests for GEOX. On the side note: I have been facehuntered before. Very funny picture actually…

Anyway I was kinda going back and forth between choosing the love of my life (the most perfect shoe – it was love at first sight) and being reasonable (boots for winter. kinda in desperate need of those.). I spent probably an hour doing what I do best: being indecisive, when deep down I know damn well what I want and how the story’s gonna unfold.
There was no point whatsoever trusting myself against love in a sad attempt to do what’s right (pick a pair of quality winterboots because I actually need those), when everyone felt and saw the mutual attraction between le pair of shoe perfect and moi (“Oh Lois those shoes are made for you!”, “Pick those.” “Yes definitely those.” “They look amazing on you!” “Totally your shoes!”..) And once Miles handed them over to me and I took them I knew I was lost.

So as the story unfolds.. I choose love. Nobody can fight the power of love right? Not even yourself.

Btw I was super amazed at the amount of amazing – and with amazing I mean good looking fresh ass kicks GEOX had. Sneakers, winterboots, leather booties, you name it. If they weren’t slightly out of my budget I’d go back to pick my winterboots there.. Definitely keeping GEOX on my mind, when going shoe shopping in the future.

Facehunter Geox on Tour Berlin
Facehunter GEOX on Tour Berlin Event
Facehunter GEOX on Tour Berlin Event
Facehunter GEOX on Tour Berlin Event
Facehunter GEOX on Tour Berlin Event
Facehunter GEOX on Tour Berlin Event
Facehunter GEOX on Tour Berlin Event

ph.: Friederike, Lisa, me

Pants I Hose: Peek & Cloppenburg

T-shirt: Zara

Shoes I Schuhe: Zara

Necklace I Kette: THANKS TO SIX
Jacket I Jacke: THANKS TO Review customization by me

Love Lois xxx




  1. November 13, 2013 / 1:33 pm

    Die Schuhe mit Reißverschluss sind einfach DER HAMMER!
    Cooler Look übrigens 🙂

    Liebste Grüße,
    Larissa xx

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