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I’m back. Almost. Well I’m still pretty sick suffering from the aftermath of Fashion Week in winter. How is it that the Scandinavians manage to maintain perfectly styled look, while being totally effortless I must add, during times where the thermometer drops below the 0°C mark? I was fucking freezing. And every day of last week coming home I was on the verge of going down with a flue. And I kept jeopardizing my successful quick recovering immune system by leaving the house the exact same manner the following day. It was almost like layering plus my double layer of 100den tights (currently 1€ at H&M! Go get some!) didn’t matter.
Well my body said bye and I’m still down with an awful cold.
How I wish I was Scandinavian and knew the essence to balancing perfect styling while keeping warm and being appropriately dressed during winter. I admire those folks. No really, I do. Here’s why:

via Stockholm Streetstyle

So flawlesss 

My bff Louisa left this weekend for the land of Kiwis (New Zealand) for 4 months. Travel the world, she says. Be independent. Best thing she could have ever done. And I advice you to do the same after you finish High School. I ran from one prison to the next weakly disguised as an educational facility. I used to be a school enthusiast and love it very much until I realized we don’t learn anything relevant for life nor are we brightened nor work on our god given skills, but we’re being prepared to conform to a miserable system we call society. ballsack. I wish I could pull the Mark Zuckerberg, the Kanye West or even the Kristina Bazan.. be a successful college dropout, an entrepreneur, a successful young woman.
Life really isn’t about a sheet of paper with stamp on it proving you’ve earned a degree. Because I got my Abitur and I’m pretty confident I learned shit during High School. At the end of the day I don’t think that piece of paper says anything about what you’re truly capable of. Don’t get me wrong education is important and knowledge is power. But I fail to see that our system provides any of that..
It may have become evident I hate my uni. Just a little maybe?

I’m going of track here, the only thing I wanted to say is that you should take the chance to travel, find yourself and enjoy a bit of life and a taste of freedom before you submit yourself to a locked scheme leading to semi happiness and today’s very sad excuse of what we call fulfillment.
Do more of what makes you happy. Personally, I need one of those completely lost vacays to find myself..
(I’m currently on my period. I tend you reevaluate my life during those three days while my pussy bleeds as it dawns on my how very sad it all actually is.. It being the world, my life, society, people, us humans. Blame the hormones. And those snapchats a friend has been sending me the last couple of days from his adventures of Australia, Thailand and soon China are triggering.)

Btw I’m praying to god she’s the one paying for those SMS we’ve been exchanging since she landed on foreign soil otherwise I’m dead meat. I mean my Bafög is a huge joke. I pay to the German border and she pays for the rest of the travels of my many SMS, right? Right?

Anyway prepare yourself for my fashion week posts. They’re coming. I’m trying my best to recover, but for now I’m indulging in another binge watching of Scandal and White Collar.
I am in love with Matt Bomer.
Even with that ridiculous hat of his.

That being said, peace out folks.

Love Lois xxx




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