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New Year, New beginnings..

I hope you’ve all had a good start into the new year and Christmas with your family was good! I hope you wore your sparkly dresses and celebrated the arrival of a new year, a new chapter with a bang! I tried to go on a social media detox, but it didn’t quite go as planned. I did retreat and posted as good as nothing on my social platforms, but at night when I couldn’t sleep I would scroll through Instagram, which really wasn’t the point of my detox at all. I did however take some time to recharge and shift my focus. What do I want in life? Where should my blog go?
I’m itching to create, grow and evolve.

I’ve come up with a few goals I’ve set for my blog this year. Here they are:

I love Instagram and I hate it. Throughout the last couple of months Facebook has made it go through some major changes like the algorithm, that affects how we can discover and see content of people we even follow already or the Melania-Trump-Snapchat-Copycat-Move aka Insta Stories. It’s become super hard to grow as a creator on there if you aren’t already 100k big. It’s still a very important platform to have and unfortunately following is key to working opportunities.
You can follow and support me on Instagram @LoisOpoku

I tweeted that I wanted to reach 1k as part of my blog goals 2017, which was more of a joke knowing that I’ll hit the mark pretty damn soon, being at 992. I fulfilled my goal on January 1st. So yes, I’m choosing a realistic goal, that I actually have to work for. 5k it is!

My blog finally deserves the look it needs and I’ve always wanted it to have. I’ve been contemplating about a move to WordPress for years now and is it really necessary? I’ve finally made the decision to move and soon you’ll find me on my own domain.

POST REGULARLY (and timely!)
There is really no point in having a blog, if there is no content. I want my blog, this space become a source of inspiration for you guys and of course an insight into my life. The last year, it’s become a little quiet here as life took its toll on me.
Also the Internet is on a constant rush hour, what happened yesterday becomes irrelevant by tomorrow. As you know I attend lots of events, but I hardly ever manage to publish the post about the event “in time”. From now on I want to post as quickly as possible.
But I’m more motivated than ever. And I’m ready.

If all goes well, I’ll be off to a journey with one of my fav blogger babes through the US in March.

There are so many Berlin Bloggers and German Bloggers out there and our community really is that big, meaning that we do know each other. Yet it’s weak. No support, no working together, no standing up for each other.
I want to create content with some of my blogger friends. Yes this space will always be my own, but I want to open up a new category in which I highlight and cross-promote outstanding content from friends or other girl bosses.
Women need to support each other!

2017 has been off to a good start so far! Refinery29 Germany named me as their #WCW this week and did a mini interview, which you can read here. I’ve been following the Blogazine since I started my blog and at the end of last year they launched their German site. Welcome to Germany! Also I was honored to be the first in their new series! Thank you again to Refinery29!

Looking forward to what the year has in store for me. Looking forward to many more features and opportunities and chances to create.
Maybe I’ll finally take my Youtube account seriously and start creating the visuals and ideas and content that has been floating in my mind all this time.

To you I say, I hope you accomplish anything you’ve set your mind to this year!
May your new year be as sparkly as my blazer!

Ivy revel silver look lisforlois
Ivy revel silver look lisforlois
Ivy revel silver look lisforlois
Ivy revel silver look lisforlois
Ivy revel silver look lisforlois

Blazer: THANKS TO Ivy Revel
Blouse I Bluse: H&M
Leather pants I Lederhose: Zara (similiar)
Shoes I Schuhe: Zara (exact)

Love Lois xxx




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