Lois opoku style berlin fashion week
Hey guys!

How has your week been so far? I’m still procession what’s been going on in the bloggersphere right now. Every season after Fashion Week its the same old story, a bunch of “Why I hate Fashion Week”- post surface right along with “Why I hate people that write about why they hate Fashion Week” counterparts. While there may be some good arguments on both sides it gets boring. It’s the same old shit. I was ready to brace myself for the wave of those again, not bothering to take a stand on my own, because what I’ll say has been said numerous times in rephrases.

But something different happened this time. And people are talking, not just the bloggers but also the readers. You guys.
I’m glad that there is a conversation going on, an inevitable need for change, and we are all seeing it. We are questioning our “influence” and to what extend we carry a responsibility for our peers, how much of society are we shaping?
It feels like the old times of blogging where there was a true dialogue between reader and blogger, between blogger and blogger. The old times where people would leave comments and their opinions and their personal feelings in the comment section of a blog post, which has been reduced to a mere like on Instagram or an emoji smiley face. The old times where people would use words to voice their opinions and – yes! they were welcomed, much appreciated and frankly wanted.
Right now I feel proud to be part of the blogging world again, because honestly I’ve felt out of touch and out of synch and stuck in the wrong place for quite some time. I have felt directionless because I didn’t like where this influencer world was headed.
I couldn’t identify with the voice we were having and the image and world we were creating, an illusion that simply is fake.
A lifestyle that simply does not reflect life in itself at all.

Of course I feel privileged to attend so many crazy events and the adventures I get to experience. Of course I am more than grateful for the perks of blogging like all the gifts I receive. But rest assured, those presents are not presents per say. They are gifts with the intention of free advertising. And to me that is okay if I feel you as my readers can benefit from this when presented. I feel like because of the over-saturation of bloggers, instagramers, “influencers” we feel like this lifestyle is a norm. But it’s not. It’s special, and no you as an ordinary girl are not required to live like this.
I have had my friends tell me that they’ve felt inadequate after watching Novalanalove’s Snapchat Story. In the beginning I’d use to hear them tell me that I was special and that they were happy for me. Now they feel pressured to also have a lifestyle of glitz and glam and size zero bodies, because that’s what seemingly everybody is having and not being the part evokes a sense of need to overcompensate. Filter. Photoshop. Fake it.
Because today, everything is measured in likes and the amount of followers you can mass and accumulate.

But if I had a little sister, I would tell her over and over again: being gifted shit is NOT life. It’s not a goal in life. It’s not a purpose. This is NOT life.
In life you work for the things you want to have.
I too work for the things I get.
But my main mission of blogging is not being able to live a lifestyle in which I receive shit for free.
It’s not my focus.

To anyone starting a blog because you are tempted by the lifestyle we live: It should NEVER be your focus too.

How many kids out there say they want to become an actor for the sake of being simply famous? It’s the acting they are passionate about. And that’s how it’s supposed to be with blogging – wether you share your content on Youtube or Instagram or your very own blog.
At least I hope so! Otherwise we’ve done something awfully wrong raising our kids..

We, the “influencers”, have become walking posters and real live ad space with a cute face. The only thing that differed influencers from models or mannequins is the fact that they brought their personal following to the game.
But what about opinion and character? When words beyond 3 lines vanishes under a “Read More” sign, that nobody clicks on anyway. When all that is asked of you on Instagram is a clean feed, way too much food for breakfast aber hauptsache #goals, long wavy hair, your cute designer handbag (preferably Gucci right now) and the jet-set life and 5 star hotel visits in between your routine stay at Bali, Bondi, Ibiza or Maldives.

Here are two very important blog posts you should read from OG German bloggers Jana and Sarah.
Sarah will forever be the mother of the German bloggersphere for me as she was one of the very first to go full-time and create a name and respect for blogging here. It’s sad to see that what she once stood for is being pulled through the dirt right now and has lost almost all of its credibility..

Jana on Instagram and the Power of Photoshop and our delusional expectations of beauty standards:
Mit Photoshop zum Instastar

Josie on Influencers and the change of the bloggersphere and its problems right now:
Und immer häufiger Denke ich Mir nur so WTF
Wie Instagram Blogs zerstört

Anyway here is what I wore to my first day at Fashion Week. It was shot by Sandra, who snapped me for ASOS Street Styles. We kept running into each other the entire Fashion Week and ended up having a bomb time together. Girls like her make Fashion Week worth while!
Lois opoku style berlin fashion week
Lois opoku style berlin fashion week
ph.: Sandra

Coat I Mantel: THANKS TO Samsoe Samsoe (exact in different color)
Blouse I Bluse: Bershka (similiar)
Skirt I Rock: New Look(sold out) (same)
Bag I Tasche: Zara
Necklace I Kette: Gina Tricot
Shoes I Schuhe: Zara

Love Lois xxx





  1. January 26, 2017 / 7:45 am

    Wunderbarer Look liebe Lois!!! ich liebe den Mantel – schau ich mir gleich an!! und die Tasche ist wunderschön, aber gibt es bei Zara bestimmt nicht mehr 🙁

    ❥ Vicky | The Golden BunInstagram TGB

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