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Bag I Tasche: Proenza Schouler

Just before I left for Ghana last November, I made the deal of my life. I’ve been a huge fan of Proenza Schouler ever since I started this blog, it all started with Kate Hudson wearing the PS11 in dark red, and since then my love for their designs and their runway fashion, but especially the Proenza Schouler bags has just grown and I’ve become very fond of the idea of one day owning a PS1 or PS11.

I could have bet a million that my first PS1 wouldn’t be black or subtle. I just never settle for anything classic (in my crazy brain that somehow equals boring although I really want to become a classic elegant sophisticated lady one day.. one day) that is truly timeless when it comes to designer splurges.. I kind of always want something special. After all that shit is expensive, the least it can be is AMAZINGLY SPECIAL.

I found the craziest deal and I bought it without thinking twice: PS1 in suede in blue.
It’s made of the softest of leather and the color is very bright. Since it’s suede getting it dusty kind of is a bit of a deal breaker, especially since the brightness of the leather is slightly dimmed (wasn’t the wisest idea to run across the markets of Ghana with this bag!) and I’m yet to find out how to best care for the leather and clean it. Also I wouldn’t run around rainy weather with it!

Since I’m not sure anymore if it’s the tiny or medium (don’t recommend large, because it’s just too bugly) but I ended up paying ca. 656€ for it and saving almost have if it was the tiny that’s priced at 1295€ in my colour ways and suede. Girls (also mentioned this in my  is the best address to make the best designer deals. And their shipping is super fast too. I kid you not, I had my bag the next day..

I really couldn’t be any happier with my purchase..

I have shown you one way to style it already here on the blog in an outfit post (click here) and it has made another appearance right during Fashion Week (check out how I styled it for Fashion Week) or my latest post.

Since my exact bag is sold out, here are a few more blue options:

Love Lois xxx




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