1 month, 10 days. 1 month, 10 days – that’s how long I’ve been 25. I learned a lot, hurt a lot, cried a lot, laughed a lot, loved a lot, rethought my stance on things I knew to have firm beliefs on, gained new perspectives and realized the world is a weird place, a beautiful, but weird place. And somehow it is all interconnected, we are all connected. End at the end of the day, if you break it down, everything we see, feel and experience, everything that is, it all comes back to love.
It was just the weirdest year yet.

Just found this quote in my notes and it kind of fits to every aspect of my life last year. I think we are all destined for greatness, but sometimes we stand in our own way of becoming who we truly are, distracted by fear, hurt, pain, doubt and other blinding things we give too much power over ourselves. We stand in the way of becoming who we truly are – who we were and always meant to be..

“There is a pull that is beyond the knowledge of man that drags us toward each other time and time again—no matter what stands in its path. It will find us everywhere, anywhere. It calls out our name in the dark silence of the night, beckons us to let go of what’s holding us back from what we know is our destiny.”



 Lois-Opoku-Fendi-Boston-Bag-Nak-d-fashion_6Lois Opoku Fendi Boston Bag Nak-d fashion_5Top NAK-D | Bag Fendi | Earrings Mockberg |
Jewelry Stella&Dot | Pants Zara (similar) | Sunglasses NAK-D

Lois Opoku Fendi Boston Bag Nak-d fashion_10Fendi-By-The-Way-Bag-Boston-Bag_1Lois-Opoku-Fendi-Boston-Bag-Nak-d-fashion_1Stella_Dot-ring-stacking-lisforlois Lois-Opoku-Fendi-By-The-Way-Bag-Nak-d-fashion-micro-sunglasses-trend_8Lois Opoku Fendi By The Way Bag Nak-d fashion micro sunglasses trend_6Fendi-By-The-Way-Bag-Boston-Bag_Lois-Opoku-micro-sunglasses-trend_Lois-Opoku-Fendi-By-The-Way-Bag-Nak-d-fashion-micro-sunglasses-trend_2 Lois-Opoku-Fendi-By-The-Way-Bag-Nak-d-fashion-micro-sunglasses-trend_9Stella_Dot-ring-stacking-lisforloisFendi-By-The-Way-Bag-Boston-Bag_3Lois Opoku Fendi Boston Bag Nak-d fashion_ Lois Opoku Fendi By The Way Bag Nak-d fashion micro sunglasses trend_3

Sunglasses I Sonnenbrille: NAK-D
Top: NAK-D
Bag I Tasche: Fendi
Pants: Zara (similiar here and here)
Necklace & Rings I Kette & Ringe: THANKS TO Stella&Dot
EarringsI Ohrringe: Mockberg

Love Lois xxx


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