Doing it Instagram style!

1. + 2. Sunday “literature”, my favourite bangle & sunglasses I actually genuinely needed today, not just because of the fashion/style/guess-the-celeb-behind-those-shades factor. Fruit salade!<3

3. + 4. Today’s outfit plus I reached 200 followers on twitter! yay <3 Join the squad today, right this way. Wow, it rhymes. I’m feeling funny today.

5. + 6. Sneak peek and details of today’s outfit. Why do I show you the entire outfit before I give you a sneek peak? I don’t know.

7. + 8. A little post about me on The Small Snake. Thank you!<3 And Raf Simons’ last collection for Jil Sander, which was magical! Love the romantic colors going on. Now it’s time for “The Return of the Original!!!” (This could make an awesome movie title! Thinking about The Vampire Diaries here. You know when Klaus arrived back in style? Just that Miss Original Sander is not quite as scary as an original vampire. I don’t think we need to fear future collections. …I hope not..)

9. + 10. Officially in love with Zayn Malik. Francisco who? Just kidding. I will always love thee Francisco Lachowski and one day we’ll marry. But for now I’ll entertain myself with the idea of being Zayn’s girl. Because I am Zayn’s girlfriend.
Lois Malik. Sounds pretty damn hot to me 😛
Call me Miss Malik, bitches!

Love ya!
Have a lovely start into a new week.

Love Lois Miss Malik xxxo (btw check out M.I.A.’s xxxo!)

PS.: Sorry no German translation today. I don’t think I sound quite as sarcastic in German. Plus I’m reaching my unproductive stage in which I cannot guarantee anything coming out of my mouth the keys I hit with my fingers produce anything worth your time to be read. This makes no sense. I’m off to bed. This what’s best for the both of us. shutting up already ^^

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