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Finally found a little time to update you guys! There is so much still left unposted, but don’t worry you’ll get to see it. All of it! 😉
I had the pleasure to visit the American Apparel store for their exclusive styling session and peek at their upcoming Spring Summer 2013 collection that will be in stores soon. I went through the racks filled with clothes that had just made their journey all the way from L.A. to Berlin, tried on as much as I wanted, whilst my friend Louisa patiently waited skimming through magazines and enjoyed some drinks.
Haaah, I could get used to this!

American Apparel is quite famous for their basics in all kinds of colors, mainly bold ones. This season it’s more about prints and florals overall dominated by pastel shades. The collection is colorful and the pieces come in different prints, which you can see especially with the shirts from the men’s collection. The key pieces for this season are very typical of American Apparel: high waisted shorts (so cute with the floral print!), tight bodies and cropped t-shirts.

ph.: Louisa

I was allowed to pick out my favorite pieces to take home.
I chose the blue floral body and the mint colored corduroy skirt which I feel are both really cute pieces for summer. Thankfully my spring/summer closet has just been updated by two pieces.
This just makes Berlin’s nasty cold weather fill me with more resentment as I safely tuck away my new AA skirt and body in my closet, patiently waiting for the first sun rays, enough of an excuse to wear them out.
Seriously, can’t wait for summer to wear these pieces out in that exact combination. As for now I will just have to get a little creative and make them cold-weather-proof.
But a look at the weather forecast tells me it’s not far anymore..

Love Lois xxx


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