Pixie wears Katarina Louise

I fell in love with this idea ever since I saw Pixie Lott sporting this jewellery in the beginning of 2009. They were originally designed by Katarina Louise. Her Scrabble Collection ranges from 5 to 20 pounds. So I decided to do my own. Then Rock ‘N Roses had some too for around 9 pounds for the necklaces and 8 for the rings.

People were actually make their own scrabble tile necklaces, but the actually stuck a picture on the back and put a glaze on it so it was a pendant. I found that a cute idea, but I still preferred sporting them as name tags 😉 

Since summer I’ve got everything ready to do my necklace but I’m still missing the essential part – the scrabble tiles. I can only find them on the american ebay and they are quite cheap but the packing cost from 20 -80 dollars. I’m not kidding. It’s insane! So frustrating!

Apparently they are now making their rounds on blogs. So now vipxo makes scrabble jewelry and has send some to known bloggers Zoella and LLYMLRS. Prices are affordable. I’m still gonna make my own though.
The bracelet is cute, but not my thing. Gonna stick to the simple necklace, hairpin and the ring.

                          Lois xxx


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