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Versace for H&M
So Versace’s collection for H&M is hitting the stores tomorrow and I can’t be more excited. Actually I haven’t been a huge fan of the collection in the aspect of ‘would I wear it?’. But I loved it immediately in the sense of ‘inspiration genius’ and if I’m completely honest, I didn’t trust this collection to make it beyond  magazine issues (or blogger’s inspiration or “I Love…” posts) and onto the streets. In other words: Versace for H&M’s collection was a mere editorial collection in my eyes. So I was all the more surprised when I clicked through the single pieces and found myself saving almost all the pieces to my folder – no not my inspiration folder! – but my ‘Favorite picks from Versace for H&M’ folder with the thought of ‘would I wear it?’ at the back of my mind. And seriously? I would.
Judging from my collage above Versace for H&M’s collection looks rather black and full of studs (looove it!) as opposed to the crazy colorful impression we’ve gotten from the pictures floating online. Definitely not digging those pieces!

My favorite pieces are definitely the accessories: bracelets, rings and necklaces. But I really love that bomber jacket and I believe it can be dressed down to be completely rad! Dressed completely black, this would be an amazing highlight! And I’m pretty much in love with the studded leather jacket…LUV!

Yes, I do recall saying I couldn’t wait for the collection to hit the stores far before I saw the single pieces and when we were all being bombarded with colorful slightly terrifying images of the collection. That was because seeing a collection is one thing, but getting to touch it and feel it, being able to have a closer look or even try it on is simply another thing.

I think no collection has been so polarizing as this one – the one half loves it, adores it and wants it and the other completely loathes it. I find myself somewhere in the middle, I love it but I wouldn’t even dare think about wearing all of it in my slightest of dreams.
I don’t think I will be rushing to the stores tomorrow; for one: I’m completely broke as whatever and second: I’m not digging the thought of fashion crazy people trampling over me in H&M just to get their hands on one Versace for H&M piece.

Night my fellow readers, sleep tight. I still have to prepare for my German exam tomorrow. Wish me luck! Oh and let me know what YOU think about this collection! 🙂

Love Lois xxx

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  1. November 22, 2011 / 5:40 pm

    Tolle Sachen 🙂 Hast du letztendlich noch was ergattert? 🙂

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