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On the same night of the Starbucks Discoveries Presents: Alice M. Huynh, just a few hours before, Nisi took me along to the Diesel Loverdose Tattoo Perfume release party. Which was a great party! Live performance by Anna F. and face lace.. Nisi and me definitely had a good time until mother nature decided to rain on our parade.. But then again we were already off to the next party/event/show.
The Loverdose Tattoo Launch was one of those parties that were held in a small gathering of invited guests. It took place in a small studio with the party continuing in the cozy backyard.
A small dark lit room held an installation with two longhaired models gracing what must have been like the most gorgeous bathtub I’ve ever seen (hello?? where can I get that for my future appartement?) and a huge XXL sized king bed amongst black roses. Right above the bed the new advertisement for Loverdose Tattoo was projected onto the wall, showing Anna Brewster’s bare back covered in a full body tattoo. Is it just me or are perfume adverts always really gorgeous? That same room held a mini bar with one of the most interesting cocktails I’ve ever drank (The Calvin Klein Encounter cocktails that were made of the main ingredients of the Encounter perfume was pretty interesting too!), but tasted horrible in my opinion. I’m just not a bitter chocolate kinda girl!
Every corner was decorated with the heart shaped black tinted flacon.
I pretty much loved the launch.

More pictures here.

Love Lois xxx



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