Lois Opoku x Aspria lisforlois
I had the honor and pleasure to train for 3 months one of Berlin’s most luxurious recreation and sports centers and one of Europe’s finest Member’s club Aspria.
Aspria offers exclusive memberships and they come with one hell of advantages. From a separate Spa to Club Hotel, Bar and Restaurant and the main gym, Aspria has a lot to offer and the Aspria Berlin at Ku’damm is only one of 8 around the world. And being a member you can check into any of their clubs.
I’d love a weekend at the Aspria Harbour Club in Italy. And if I was a full year round member, I’d treat myself twice or trice a year to an Italian weekend getaway of recreation, sports, fine dining, soul searching and reconnecting body, mind and soul in that very Aspria Club.

The services are endless, and for 3 months I got lost in a completely different world, a world that puts your health and body first and totally values every individual.
A membership at Aspria has its prize, but if there is one thing I realized during my time there, it is that we are worth it, as any L’Oreal Paris ad would word it.
And coming to think of it, the amount of money I’ve wasted on clothing only to end up in the back of my closet or unwearable after only 3-4 washes, I could have limited myself to 1 or 2 designer purchases a year or membership like this.
It’s about priorities..


Living a healthy life is priceless.

But today I don’t want to talk about all crazy fabulous features this fabulous club brings with it, I want to talk about a special programme I enrolled in for my time being there.

Lois Opoku x Aspria lisforlois
Lois Opoku x Aspria lisforlois
Lois Opoku x Aspria lisforlois
Lois Opoku x Aspria lisforlois
Lois Opoku x Aspria lisforlois


After assuming membership my Aspria Pro programme started with an appointment with my personal health consultant at the club. I felt very safe from the minute I stepped into the club. I took some really interesting tests, with additional information about myself you don’t usually get at a regular check up at the doctor’s. Three good things came out, I was in an overall healthy and stable condition. One of the craziest results I got was that my body has hardly any to nearly no stress hormones stored within, which means either my body is great at processing stress hormones or I just can’t be bothered to give a fuck or let things that mess with my inner mantra get to my head. Namaste bitches!
We actually run the test twice because she was amazed by the significantly low level of stress within my body. And my body fat was of a healthy percentage and so were the amount of my muscles I had in each leg or the glucose in my blood. And turns out most of my fat wasn’t actually stored around my belly.
Although I’m pretty sure this has changed since I left Aspria I’ve gained weight.
Too little sleep, very horrible diet (by that I mean my eating habits, I don’t diet diets) and I haven’t been able to hit the gym regularly.

Weak points: Although I have a very good posture, my back was super weak and so was my stamina.

Lois Opoku x Aspria lisforlois
Lois Opoku x Aspria lisforlois
Lois Opoku x Aspria lisforlois
Lois Opoku x Aspria lisforlois

After evaluation of my test I first met up with my personal trainer. His question – What were my goals? I of course retorted “Want to loose weight.” without hesitation, although my test proved that wasn’t really a big issue of my condition. He helped me focus on what’s really important, working on the weak points from my analysis.
So my main objective became increasing my stamina, all of course taking into consideration my physically induced asthma (which I’m lucky isn’t too bad – I did try to attempt the 10k We Own the Night run with Nike and my condition got much better during my training time with Nike. Sports is the only thing that helps against Asthma, people. Ironic, I know.) Increasing my back muscles, as well as strengthening certain muscles groups were also part of my goals and loosing some weight was my great side effect.
He helped me set proper objectives when my judgement seemed a little clouded by the summer body trend and we came up with the perfect routine and picked out some courses for me to do. I also had time to try out any course that seemed interesting, like the Anti Gravity Yoga course, I couldn’t wait to try out.

Lois Opoku x Aspria lisforlois

During my time I got to see all the areas of the club such as their recreation areas like the Sauna (which I unfortunately never took use of) and I still have a Spa date open. Can’t wait to get one of the massages from their specialists there and be treated to luxury skin care brands such as St Barth.
When the sun comes out it’s fun to relax on Aspria’s rooftop terrace. Seems like Steffi from GNTM likes to relax here too. Only thing I didn’t do is treat myself to a meal at their restaurant. I hear it’s really good.

The Pool
Lois Opoku x Aspria lisforlois
Lois Opoku x Aspria lisforlois

The pool is one of the things I miss the most. My regular gym may have a sauna, but it’s the pool I miss. Going for an hourly dip after every workout, has become somewhat of a very refreshing and relaxing routine for me.
I feel like I can sleep much better after an hour of relaxed laps in the pool. I take the time to cool off, shut down my system and shut out the world and only concentrate on the sound of my breathing and the waves of water crashing against the sides of the pool while the water gently carries my weight as though I’m weightless. Most of the time I found myself having the pool entirely to myself or sharing with two or three individuals. Although this swim seems like a complete moment of relaxation and recreation it’s actually another full hour of workout, the most relaxing form there is I find. Very much like yoga.


Lois Opoku x Aspria lisforlois
ph.: Jules Villbrandt

Entire Outfit: THANKS TO Nike
Monster N-Tune Headphones: THANKS TO Monsterproducts

Fact is: I need to head back to gym. ASAP. I wouldn’t mind going back to Aspria and enrolling for the Aspria Pro services, for sure. I know where I’ll be spending my money when I go into rent – no in fact I want to be working so hard I got millions to spend on spa days, me times and anything for my mind, body and health. It’s about living a healthy lifestyle.

Love Lois xxx





  1. October 23, 2014 / 7:08 pm

    Wow, that looks amazing! I think I would have spent every single day there, haha.
    Love your workout clothes by the way. I'm happy for you you got to make that experience!

    Wakila from http://www.helloblack.net

    • November 7, 2014 / 9:36 pm

      Thanks so much! <3 Now that I'm not there anymore I wish I was there more often during the 3 months :((

  2. Anonymous
    October 30, 2014 / 11:25 am

    Hey 🙂 big fan of your blog,how did you get to Train for 3 months ? did Aspria contact you ?

    • November 7, 2014 / 9:35 pm

      Exactly! They invited me to some of their press tours of the club and I suggested training there for a few weeks would give me better chance to write a truer experience. They were happy to offer me a 3 month membership.
      Love Lois xxx

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