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A new year – a new beginning and the perfect time to start a new habit.
I’m still working on my vision board for this year. I think it’s a powerful tool to envision the person you want to become and it helps you set up a more clearer path of actions that you must take to transform your highest self into actuality. And I’m all for growing! This year I’ve chosen to become a more elegant version of myself.
An elegant lady does not hold onto things she no longer needs.

Besides the fact that cluttering and hoarding is anything but elegant, polluting and littering is a luxury we no longer have on this planet. Fashion as amazing as it is, has become a machine so forceful we need to keep its side effects in check before it destructs itself and rects havoc to the planet while it’s at it. All the more applause that there is an actual interest in cleaning up the planet from within the industry and companies like Vestiaire Collective are not only embracing but working to do their part actively.

Sustainability, the IT buzzword as trendy as the latest IT bag. Now there are two ways I can think of on how to be sustainable right off the bat: use sustainable materials and transform the entire supply chain or reuse what is already there. Since we’ll leave the first to the companies, reuse what is already there is our best way as consumers to do our part.

There is nothing more sustainable than buying vintage and second hand and prolonging the life of a single garment. Did you know that the average lifespan of a piece has gone down to merely 1-3 years? Appalling, really. Now we can blame it on today’s quality of the clothes (huge oh-no! Materials like real fur are long lasting and are actually degradable unlike faux fur made from plastic. The ethics of winning fur though is another issue to tackle for another day. Let’s pick our battles but step by step, shall we?). Or the accelerated speed at which trends hit us, fostering a false belief that we must shop every week.

I believe in each and everyone doing their part and adopting some responsibility. As little as it may be. Holding on pieces you no longer wear? Sell them. Give them a new home. If the apocalypse scenario is not enough to encourage you to finally say goodbye, Vestiaire Collective has a lucrative incentive for you: zero commission on your first piece for up to 150€ for everyone who has been considering parting ways with pieces you’ve basically abandoned, but never hit the upload button. Yes, you heard that right – zero commission!
No more cluttering in 2021.

Saving the planet sounds cute. But how about saving the planet in a pair of vintage Chanels?

Vestiaire Collective is encouraging you start a new positive habit.
Best way to start? Is to simply start.

Keep scrolling to shop my closet. Most of the things I sell are unworn, still have their tags or – i hate to say it – were worn only 2-3 times.

While reading this blog post, you’ve thought of at least one piece that you’ve haven’t worn in ages or perhaps you need a little help to start? My tipp? Start with accessoires. Sunglasses, jewelry, anything that hasn’t seen the light of the day for at least a year is in *desperate* need of a deserving home.
With similar models, ask yourself which one do you always pick? And what gets nothing but a chance to catch dust?

But this is also a good time to part from pieces that were bad buys (and are probably basically new!?), Like my Proenza Schouler Bag, that is just too big for me, which is why I never even properly unpacked it.

Quick Facts:

Zero commission on your first item sold for maximum 150€  for everyone’s very first upload to Vestiaire Collective. Item must be uploaded between 15.Dezember 2020 and end of January.

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Ends: January 31, 2021

You can find my Vestiaire Collective profile right here.

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  1. June 9, 2022 / 10:29 pm

    Okay, so you have a little heaven in your closet. I just noticed that this is a 2021 post, However I still wander, is your closet is still the same? coz I would love to get my hands on these.

  2. September 6, 2022 / 11:59 pm

    Good to see your wardrobe organized. Nice post!

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