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As you are reading this I am in Milan typing this from my laptop. We are in the middle of fashion month but slowly coming to final phase and I couldn’t be happier to be where I am right now. Going international was the best decision I have made this year. As Fashion Week says Good Bye to Milan and hops over to the next city to commence afresh, I can’t help but realize how grateful I am to be doing what I do. It’s the packing and planning and organizing. Until this day I do everything on my own. I research brands, organize invitation and schedule, meetings, request samples, plan my outfits – as far as I can plan, because the true fun for me is to dress according to my mood and impulse the very minute I get dressed. But with limited space and kilos and number of suitcases, there is only a number of things I can pack and planning is a well appreciated skill. I’m thinking about the familiar faces I will be seeing again, the clothes on the runway, all that stress to present the world a vision on form of garments. I am in full on Fashion Week mood.


Fashion Week isn’t just to reinvent your look fashion wise, but also in terms of beauty. I have been experimenting with hair, but also makeup. My classic look is the winged eyeliner. On Douglas I always find what I need. From colourful makeup to beauty products for skincare routine. They carry all the big brands you need to know. When I’m travelling I always pack m BobbI Brown Foundation I have been using for years, my Too Faced Concealer, an eyeliner from L’Oreal and some lip shine. I also get my skincare products in travel size. I don’t travel without a facial oil and Kiehl’s eye cream. As fashion week gets very hectic and you are under constant stress, breaking out is not something that is seldom. So a proper care, those extra 5 minutes in the morning and evening go a long way. Trust me! Especially if you are abroad. But since these are staple products I use on the regular it is much more comfortable tor me to shop within the comfort of my home and have it delivered in time for Fashion Week as opposed to having to make that one more stop in person, panicking the night before that I have run out of my face cream. It gives me more time to concentrate on packing my looks. ph.: The Styleograph

Top: JW Anderson
Pants I Hose: Prada
Bag I Tasche: Fendi
Shoes I Schuhe: Balenciaga


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