Zanox invited me to one of the best events I’ve been to so far. And guys, you know I’ve been luckily enough to have been to many. It all started in the morning at the Zanox Headquarters, where we were invited to a day filled with workshops, lovely people, talks and yummy food.
When I first stepped into the blogging world not thinking much of it, I quickly learned this was a huge world with so much to still learn about it. But I felt I was getting the hang of it.
That day, right there and then, listening the talks about SEO and monetising Blogs in the workshops Zanox offered, I realized I know nothing at all.
Zanox organised workshops for us bloggers, as well as a talk with the emerging Designer Damian Hirschberg, who talked about the importance of bloggers for designers from his perspective and gave us the chance to peek behind a photo shoot.



As if this wasn’t enough, we were even escorted in rickshas (You know how much I love those rides from the Debenhams event!) to the afterparty that took place at the Sage Beach. (AWESOME location!) I enjoyed talking to the other bloggers, getting to know new faces or hang out with the old 🙂 What I liked a lot was the fact that this wasn’t just a chance to network with other bloggers but also with Zanox workers and the sponsors’ representatives.

ph.: JasminDanEileenVan Anh

Dress I Kleid: H&M
Bag I Tasche: THANKS TO Glossybox Style
Necklace I Kette: New Look
Watch I Uhr: Primark
Ring: H&M
Shoes I Schuhe: Weekday
Neon Bra I BH: H&M

Thanks so much to everyone involved who made this happen and gave me the chance to learn so much more new stuff about blogging.
And with a little work I’m so ready to take my blog to the next level!

Love Lois xxx

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