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Dior Ethnie high heels
Dior_Ethnie feathers red high heels
Dior Ethnie sandals details
Dior Ethnie feather shoes

Shoes – a girl’s best friend. One can never have too much, right? Meet my “new” (got them last year haha) Dior Ethnie heels. I have always admired the house of Dior for its tailoring, fashion and they way the empower feminine spirit throughout history and their designs. To own a pair of Dior Ethnie is an absolute dream. I believe they are my most elegant pair of high heels but with a fun touch that reflect my personality. The feathers really made my heart skip when I first laid my eyes on them.
I have cleaned out my closet and parted ways with lots of clothes which I’m selling. This is my little contribution to circular fashion and waste reduction. With said reduction of my closet, I am only picking new pieces that really spark joy (hi Marie Kondo!), pieces that are forever.
The Dior Ethnie come in the softest velour leather in a very vibrant wine red. The 9cm heel makes it comfortable to walk in. But they also come as flats or in black. I’m slowly ditching high heels that have an excessively high heel. The older I get the more elegant I want to become. It is hard to walk elegantly in a pair of shoes that are anything but comfortable. Plus owning a closet full of stuff is the opposite of elegance. I’m picking quality and long wear over trend and cheap. I feel this is what Dior in its essence stands for as well: elegance.

I first wore them to Berlin Fashion Week. As for where to shop designer without breaking the bank? Keep an eye out for Yoox or The Outnet. They always sell designer pieces at good discounts. But Net-A-PorterMyTheresa, Matchesfashion or LuisaViaRoma have great deals once sale season starts. And then there is the annual Nordstrom sale for the US.  Yoox however is the only site that carries Dior. (Ps: There is extra 20% off of this selection)
But do consider buying second hand e.g. Vestiaire Collective. Older models are hard to come by, but secondhand usually well kept or often times brand new. This way you can contribute to circular fashion as well.


How I style my Dior Ethnie 




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