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Guys it’s been a while and so much has happened in the real world. The pandemic has forced us to take a break from our hectic lives and spend much time at home. And it’s been a solid 3 months now, but honestly I have embraced this time and enjoyed getting to stay home more. Loungewear is my new best friend.

Traditional underwear and nightwear stores and brands like Hunkemoller offer a lot of variety. But I’ve seen loads of brands dedicate more sections especially to “staying at home” and comfy lounge wear.

I’m spending a lot of time in loungewear and cozy pyjamas functioned into loungewear, with a jumper or kimono on top. 

I even have my Zoom calls, meetings and online classes in my pyjamas. Which is why I make sure to have representable looking pyjamas and comfort is key.

Have you guys been shopping for comfy pieces?
Here are my 4 of my tipps to consider while shopping:




Make sure to pick quality material, material that feels soft on the skin but you yourself are comfortable in. Since you’ll be spending much of the day in these, materials like silk and cotton are what you should consider and look out for. I am a fan of cashmere as well! Be sure to pick easy breathing materials that allows persipitaiton (aka sweat and body fluids) to leave your skin easily without getting trapped in the material and on your skin. I ditched Polyester underwear a long time ago!


Though it may feel like there is no point in dressing up as you have nowhere to go and no one will see you anyway, make it a habit to dress up. I change from the pyjamas I slept in and pick something new for the day and I night I change back into sleeping pyjamas. This helps me get mentally ready for a new part of the day. Plus it give me a sense of joy to pick out an outfit, even if it’s just a loungewear look.




I have dedicated a small section just for my loungewear and pjs. This way I know how much loungewear I own at any given time. It’s super easy to hit the ‘add to cart’ button multiple times a day with all these cute loungewear pieces on the net, but you don’t need so much. Don’t let quarantine fool you. Buy pieces you’ll keep wearing after quarantine is over. And ask yourself do you really need yet another pair of pink silk bottoms?


To get the most out of your wear, read the care instructions carefully. Too often I have washed my fav pjs or underwear wrongly, so the color faded, the material lost its softness and  it looked worn out. Now that we are spending more time in our loungewear, they get so much for wear than usual, meaning they need to be washed way more often too. Try and be more sustainable and prolong the life of each garment to maximum extend. Plus having a healthy relationship with clothes, means taking proper care of them.






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How have you been holding up in these times?

Love Lois xxx


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