I think today was the last day of summer. It was a hot day, 22°C. After being tortured over the tracking field for twelve minutes (Damn you Cooper! Damn you Cooper Test!) I enjoyed the day sunbathing on my balcony, sucking up all the natural vitamin D from what were probably the last summer sun rays.
Someone asked me to blog about my summer essentials.
Here is what I think.

Bikini H&M  Sunnies H&M – Flip Flops Deichmann – Accessories H&M – Earrings Primark – Lipstick – Nail Polish Essie, Manhattan x Buffalo

Bikini thanks to – Necklace H&M – Polishes My Italy trip findings – Book Plum Sykes: Bergdorf Blondes (So funny!) – Lipstick Mary Kay – Mini Purse H&M – Sunnies Italy trip findings

Bikini thanks to Six  Necklace and Ring thanks to Six  Sunnies H&M  Book Lauren Conrad: L.A. Candy – Nail Polish Maybelline Jade – Lipgloss thanks to Manhattan – Lipstick L’Oreal Paris – Melone Clutch thanks to New Yorker

What is summer without swimming? Or sunbathing? I think my summer essential is the right bikini. I’ve never been much of  bathing suit person. And these were my perfect bikinis for this year: an elegant one, a fun one and last but not least, the cute one.

Good Night! Sleep tight 🙂

Love Lois xxx


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